The adventure animatronics are remade versions of their original counterparts.

FNaF WorldEdit

The first adventure animatronic to come was the Adventure FNaF 1 Endoskeleton, surprising many FNaF fans, as they thought FNaF was over. Soon after, the Adventure FNaF 2 Endoskeleton joined. They were followed by Adventure Withered Chica and Adventure Fredbear. Then Adventure JJ, Adventure BB and Adventure Foxy joined the crew. There was a huge update after that, adding in Adventure Toy Bonnie, Adventure Toy Chica, Adventure Mangle and Adventure Phantom Foxy. Adventure Withered Bonnie, Adventure Toy Foxy and Adventure Plushtrap Endoskeleton later joined. The words 'Thank You!' were soon replaced with 'FNAF WORLD', and Adventure Springtrap, Adventure Shadow Bonnie, Adventure Golden Freddy and Adventure Phantom Chica joined. There was another major update, adding in Adventure Marionette, Adventure Nightmare Freddy, Adventure Plushtrap and Adventure Phantom BB. There was (yet again) another major update, adding in Adventure Bonnie, Adventure Toy Freddy, Adventure Phantom Marionette, Adventure Nightmare Fredbear, Adventure Shadow Freddy and Adventure Spring Bonnie. The next update added in Adventure Nightmare, Adventure Phantom Mangle, Adventure Withered Freddy, Adventure Withered Foxy and Adventure Nightmare Bonnie. The next update mainly focused on secret characters, adding in Adventure Crying Child, Adventure Paper Plate Freddy, Adventure Paper Plate Bonnie, Adventure Paper Plate BB and Adventure Chica. The next update added only one character, Adventure Freddy, while removing the floating Golden Freddy Head. The next two updates added in Adventure Nightmare Foxy and Adventure Nightmare Chica. The last update had text at the bottom, saying 'COMING 2016', and as a joke Scott has put 'Seriously' underneath it, hinting at his difficulty of sticking to a release date.

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