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• 12/21/2015

Let's Go On An Adventure!

Let's make a story involving the FNaF world characters. But I have to establish some rules first.


1. You are only allowed to use 15 words or less per comment

2. Nothing offensive

3. Don't go off-topic* for too long (maximum 3 comments)

4. No excessive swearing

5. Please do not use {{USERNAME}}. Instead, address a certain user.


These are optional

1. Have fun

2. Don't have fun

3. Eat a pizza while doing this

4. Invent Rule 6

5. Dress up as your favourite movie character exactly 5 seconds after viewing this option

*Off topic refers to anything not involving the adventure characters

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• 12/21/2015

Once upon a time, Adventure Freddy swallowed his microphone.

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